Great Gower!

Hi all-

We just played the Gower Bluegrass Festival. It was awesome! So many fab people as usual and the cinamon buns they bake at the bakery at the Gower Heritage Centre are so delicious that it was worth the 11 hour round trip for that ALONE. We also heard some stunning music. We were blown away by The Rosellys ( and The Often Herd ( Check them out! They're amazing!

If you are in the South West, go to the Cornish Bluegrass Festival this weekend (14th -16th September). You won't be disappointed. All these people are playing I think - and the marvellous Liberty Pike too.

We are next playing at the warm-hearted Mansfield Folk Club on Monday 17th.  Back to play in Lincoln at The Struggers at the end of the month. See you soon we hope! Thanks to Gwynnie for the welcome in lights that we got when we stayed at her house this weekend (pictured!)


The Rye Sisters