Covid Bloody 19 - Beerheadz gig on Thurs 19th March postponed

Hi all

We'd like to give you all a hug, air kiss, elbow bump and (virtual, so safe) handshake at this particularly concerning time. Thank you if you have been out to see our gigs recently. Our hearts go out to those who are ill with the virus or are anxious that they will be, or that their loved ones may be. Those who are in the health professions are already heroes of course, and have a huge task ahead of them. It's also going to wreak havoc with folk financially, some more than others, and people are going to feel lonely.

We love playing music, but of course, like many other musicians, are finding that it is not wise or right-thinking to play gigs at this time. We will keep you updated of course. The gig on Thursday 19th March at Beerheadz is postponed as of tonight, following the PM's briefing.

Thank you all for coming out to support live music till now. We shall all miss it for a while, but when this blasted thing blows over, we'll be back, and we'll all celebrate together. We'll write songs and practise.

Keep the music strong.


The Rye Sisters