ONE AFTERNOON, on Sunday 20th September 2020...

Hello everyone:

Just to let you know, we are performing at The Prince of Wales this Sunday from about 4. We are very excited to be performing on Sunday (it's been so long - our last gig was 16th March, and even then, that was pushing it!) but we agreed to play having carefully weighed up risks and the general feeling out there. If you do want to come, you must please book a table at the venue (01522 528894), preferably in the restaurant or outside area. This is a lovely opportunity to see some live music in a venue who have considered the necessary safety precautions. We are in good company: 'Jellylegs' will be kicking off the afternoon's beautiful music from 1, then it's 'Ebony and Ivory' from 2.30 ish (part of 'em, anyway!) and then us, and then 'August James' from 5.45pm. It'll be a lovely afternoon I hope (pray for good weather). We don't see this as the start of us gigging like crazy again, given the circs, just a timely opportunity to get out there and see if we can still do it! Perhaps we'll see some of you there, but if not, thanks for continuing to support us from afar. We have still been meeting up (socially distant-ish) to practise, and we've been writing some new material so that when we get the fanfare of the ALL-CLEAR (will that ever happen, omg let's hope so!) we can get back out there and play, sing, drink, dance and make merry at those festivals.

Love, The Rye Sisters, Ishani and Sue