So proud to win 'Song for Lincolnshire 2016'!

Well...what can I say? What an honour to win 'Song for Lincolnshire 2016' - and what a heart-warming, moving evening, filled with talented people playing original songs.  We're quite exhausted from the excitement today, actually.  Thank you to all the BBC Radio Lincolnshire team and especially Jono Brine and Tom Lane, who do such a great job of inspiring and promoting music in Lincolnshire.  It is a beautiful county with beautiful people - and what a great audience.  We don't think we'll get a better one to be honest: all those people really LISTENING! It was quite disconcerting in a way.  And totally terrifying.  But somehow we got through the song.  Thanks to the marvellous judges (for their beautiful music and inspiration - and not just for granting us a result we obviously really appreciate) and to everyone who took part and turned up to listen.  A fantastic evening! Here's the edited BBC clip.