Heavenly Harmony at Sorefingers October Weekend

If you have never been to a 'Sorefingers' course weekend or week, you won't understand.  You see, the trouble with any ‘Sorefingers’ experience is that life afterwards seems a terrible bore in comparison to the heavenly harmony we enjoyed this weekend. Fortunately, as a singer, you’re ideally placed to exorcise the blues by...well - singing them, I suppose.

The organisation known as 'Sorefingers Summer Schools (SFSS)' has been running music workshops for bluegrass instruments for over 20 years now.  It is hard to describe how marvellous it is. Set in the middle of the Cotswolds, banjos, dobros, fiddles, mandolins, bases, autoharps, singers and guitars meet up (along with the people who play them) to learn how to play better from the masters.  Many of the tutors at the Easter week come from across the Atlantic to teach and are completely inspirational.  Student 'scratch' bands form and some of them stick together afterwards. Lots of people 'jam' in the bar. Some dancing is usually involved. Maybe some drinking.

We were tutoring at their taster weekend this weekend just gone and we had blast! The students were simply amazing.  Thanks for the experience and check it out for yourselves.  There is a (near) week of heavenly singing and playing, jamming in the bar, and world class concerts to go to in April (1st-7th). Just click on:

Sorefingers Summer School April Week (1st-7th April 2018)