Local Fabness and Leek in a Week!


Just wanted to thank the warm-hearted, generous Mansfield Folk Club for having us on 17th September. The crowd were so lovely - and what a great club it is. If you are in the area, you really should get down here to listen to some top-notch entertainment, We were lucky enough to be supported by Phil Doleman (ace uke and banjo player as well as just a great all-round entertaining top chap) - and some beautiful guitar playing from one of the club's own players. They really know how to make everyone feel welcome and there is a thriving ukelele club there that goes on before hand. Monday night, the Black Bull, Mansfield. Go there. Sandwiches, raffles, floor spots, nice friendly folk and Tina who runs it so efficiently. Now that's a proper folk club.

Thanks also to the Stugglers' Inn fof having us back tonight. We had a blast and the audience seemed to like it...so thanks everyone! Cheers! WHAT a pub!

We are playing at Leek fesitval next week (7th Oct) then in Louth the week after (12th) and then it's SOREFINGERS. We are SO excited. We have to do day jobs in between all this stuff, And child rearing. All of which is great and cool and lovely. But music - oh music! Thank you for the music.

Yes. I have had a glass of wine tonight, since you ask.

Sue (of The Rye Sisters)

Peace and Love


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