I Can't Go Anywhere

Hello folks

We have just recorded our new song, albeit with pretty basic equipment and software to hand so you'll have to forgive the home-made quality of it. We recorded it apart of course. We've tried all sorts of musical solutions but no one has yet found something that works for playing 'in real time' across cyberspace. Never mind- we'll use this time to maybe write some new songs and learn how to record things. I'm pleased to say that my IT skills are getting slightly better - I'm a complete technophobe, generally and have no patience for this kind of thing!

The song is called 'I Can't Go Anywhere Without You' really, but these days, it would be more appropriate if the song were simply called 'I Can't Go Anywhere'. Like...well only to the shops for some milk and stuff.

Lots of love to you all 'out there'. Stay safe.

Wishing you emotional peace and sunny days with a sprinkle of rain, preferably overnight.

Sue and Ishani