Going Loco...I'm mean LOCAL! At the Wonderful Victoria Pub, LINCOLN!!

Hello everyone!

I've just returned from tutoring at an amazing singing weekend called 'Folk on the Farm' hosted by the marvellous Sue and Brian in Leicestershire. Gosh it was fun. Thirty odd people made the most glorious harmonious sounds - (by which I mean about 33 people, not that they were odd). Seriously, you couldn't have asked for a more fabulous bunch. The weekend before that - of 10th September - we were playing a gig at wonderful WHITWELL festival, Derbyshire, where the people were remarkably lovely too. How lucky we are.

Next up for the The Rye Sisters is a return to surely one of the best pubs in Lincoln. It's The Victoria, everyone - who have blissfully supported live music. We're there on 9th October and 23rd November. Please do come along and have a great time with us...even when we sing our most miserablest songs eva.