Stourton Estates festival is a great success!

Well, summer is going pretty well. There's even a big orangey orb-like thing in the sky which is making everyone happy....and Stourton Estates Folk Festival yesterday (continuing today - check it out) was such fun. Thanks so much to Julie Pounds and her team for a wonderful family day.  The woodland park is so beautiful.  We went for a walk, tasted the icecream, ate the cake and had some delicious Thai food. It was all great.

Ishani is about to make the duo a trio, but we're performing at Louth Festival (29th June - this Friday) and the Dog and Bone in Lincoln on Sunday 1st July, right after I've run around the block a bit (doing the Lincoln10K for charity). I'm hoping I won't be late for the gig...I've have to run quickly to get back in time. If I look a bit red in the face. that'll be why.

Thank you for coming to see us at gigs and for supporting us by buying our CD. Thanks also to John Gill for this lovely photo!