Thanks to you responding so well to our Kickstarter Campaign we now have a fully funded album project. We had faith that it just might ‘fly’ -  so even before we initiated the campaign, we had of course being pursing our music dreams as if they would come true.

Therefore here's where we are: we have recorded the music; added beautiful double bass to it (thank you Ben Somers!), added gorgeous cello undertones on a few tracks (Thank you Andii Gosling!) and it is being mastered as I type by the nonpareil of sound engineering, Josh Clark (Get Real Audio). The hardest work has been done by producer Roger Jackson, who took such care when recording our music -  and he's ensured that it sounds just like our live sound, but with added sprinkles of fabulousness. Well he is the leader of the ‘Fabulous Festival Choir’ (Towersey, Purbeck etc) -  so obviously, everything he does is fabulous! Thank you Roger Jackson!

Our Album Launch Event is on Friday 15th December at St Mary's Guildhall in Lincoln. If you have backed our campaign, and would like to come along, please do book your ticket soon - there are such limited places due to fire regs!

Here's the ticket link:

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