Inspiration from Sorefingers Summer School!

Hi everyone!

I've just been to yet another inspirational week at Sorefingers Summer School, held every Easter (and a shorter version is held in October) in the Cotswolds.  Anecdotally at least, we all now recognise a syndrome called 'post sorefingers blues' where everyone who has attended a course feels down becuase you have to come back to reality. It's hard to cope without a daily dose of fantastic live musicianship everywhere you turn, gorgeous harmonies and even people making you tea and dinner so you can concentrate on your music. Now I have to make my own cups of tea and listen to stuff on CD, which is fine...but where has the spontaneous bursting into song gone...and my other 250 friends? It's so quiet without all those banjos, dobros, mandos, basses, ukes, autoharps, guitars and voices...

Scratch bands (people thrown together for the week to perform) produce a concert on the Thursday night and everyone does a blinding job of entertaining each other. This year it was M.C-ed by the stunning bluegrass-fiddler Brian Wicklund and maestro banjo player Bill Evans. Just for fun, they did it in drag. Jokes could be repeated but you'd have to have been there. On the Friday night we were entertained by the tutors. Back in men's clothing, Brian and Ben were amazing, and we were blown away by Tatiana Hargreaves and Courtney Hartman's duet. They are just so stunning. The sheer beauty of it had some in tears. Emily Miller and Jesse Milnes led the singing class, and that was just so much fun.  We did a flashmob one tea time of 'We'll camp a little while in the wilderness' - which was appropriate, since the weather wasn't great for camping this year.  If you come, you can stay in a dorm: I'm just a glutton for punishment.

In short, I had a great time. You have to have this even on your bucket list. If you can't wait till April next year: Monday 22/04/2019 to Friday 26/04/2019 then come in October, 19th to 21st - a weekend slot, when Ishani and I will be running the singing and harmony workshops.  We had a blast last year and we were so proud of the singers who attended. Lots of beautiful songs sung!

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