Stugglers Inn Gig

Hello everyone!

Thanks for continuing to follow our progress.  We are haivng a lot of fun playing in all sorts of different places, but are delighted to return to The Strugglers' Inn, in Lincoln on Sunday 8th October.  This is a particularly warm-hearted pub and the Sunday music slot seems pretty special - one of those rare places where there is a real established community feel but if you're new through the door it feels welcoming too.

The music starts at 5ish and continues till 7.30/8 ish, with breaks in between. We hope to see you there!

Next weekend we are doing some recording with the hope of putting together a second CD. This will be such fun and I hope not too frustrating - as ever we're going for a live and 'honest' sound rather than multi-tracking the wotsits out of the music... watch this space!

We are always completely bowled over by your lovely comments.  We're delighted that many of you seem to like what we do.  Please come and have a chat when you see us perform - it's great to relax in the middle of a show and get to know you a little more.  See you soon, we hope!