Hello and welcome to our website! Thanks for visiting. We are a duo based in Lincoln, and sing Americana, folk-country songs in close harmony. You can book us for events, pub gigs, weddings and private parties. We are also available for vocal harmony workshops. Just get in contact for further information and prices and read our bio to find out more about where we've performed previously. 

Boston Folk Club


Outfields Festival

The Rye Sisters at Maverick Festival

 —  —

Maverick Festival, Easton Farm Park, Easton Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 0EQ

We are chuffed to bits to be playing this festival - 'The UK's first and finest Americana Festival - kickin' since 2008!' We are playing amongst a stellar line up. My all time favourite comedian-musician Rich Hall will be there too and some fab music friends - Jenni Hankins, Noel Dashwood...wow - 's a gonna be great!

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Bramley Live and then Back to The Strugglers! 

Hi everyone

Can't wait to get back to The Strugglers on 20th November! Look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime we are playing at The Admiral Rodney on Sunday 7th November at 2 in Southwell. See our shows for the address if you are interested! We have worked in some new material of late and we'll still play the ol' favourites.

Onwards and upwards!

Sue and ishani


Going Loco...I'm mean LOCAL! At the Wonderful Victoria Pub, LINCOLN!! 

Hello everyone!

I've just returned from tutoring at an amazing singing weekend called 'Folk on the Farm' hosted by the marvellous Sue and Brian in Leicestershire. Gosh it was fun. Thirty odd people made the most glorious harmonious sounds - (by which I mean about 33 people, not that they were odd). Seriously, you couldn't have asked for a more fabulous bunch. The weekend before that - of 10th September - we were playing a gig at wonderful WHITWELL festival, Derbyshire, where the people were remarkably lovely too. How lucky we are.

Next up for the The Rye Sisters is a return to surely one of the best pubs in Lincoln. It's The Victoria, everyone - who have blissfully supported live music. We're there on 9th October and 23rd November. Please do come along and have a great time with us...even when we sing our most miserablest songs eva.



Hello everyone!

We have some gigs coming up and hope to see you soon! We are so excited about being able to play live again.

Get along to the Nettleham Live gig on 17th July if you are local, or catch us at a fantastic festival. Our local gig is on 17th July at Nettleham Village Hall. We are supported by the marvellous 'The Miracle Cure'. This gig has been assessed for safety in line with Covid 19 rules, even given the news this evening (14th June). Festivals-wise, we are playing The Eyes Have it Festival on 4th July (The Eyes Have It | Music Festival Duffield); the Americana day at Maui Waui in Norfolk (29th August Americana Day | mauiwauievents), and at The Gate to Southwell in Kirkington, Nr Southwell (2nd September Gate to Southwell Festival (gtsf.uk)).

Please do support live music if you are able to. Here's a picture of us from 'the before times'! We've been practising hard and writing new songs in the meantime! See you soon!

Sue and Ishani

Coming up for Spring Air 2021 

Hello Everyone!

We're not yet 'back' of course, but we wanted to say 'Hi'. We're so looking forward to playing 'out' again - it's been a long long lonely winter, as a famous song goes... In the lockdown(s) we've been writing songs and doing some rather imperfect practising (given the social distance measures) whenever the rules have permitted. We've done some great improv-ed /avant garde shaky video production for you along the way. But one day, it'll be properly done and everyone can feel like pros again. Hopefully!

At the time of writing, we are playing the Gate to Southwell Festival in September. Sue is also hoping to get along to the Ely Folk Festival as a punter as there are some great bands playing there - in July. It's still running at the moment, which is more than we can say for a lot of these poor festivals which have had to postpone, understandably. These organisers are really having to hold their nerve and they need our support - as long as you've weighed up the risks etc and decide it's fine for you, of course.

Here's a picture of Ishani at our rehearsal spot in summer (outisde, 2 metres apart...harder to get those close harmonies when you're not physically as close!). Here's a picture of me with what I did in my summer holidays: I went to Shropshire, and then to my favourite mountain for the day - Tryfan and the Glyders. It was so wonderful to be out, even though I was on my own :(.

So here's to a fantastic 2021 when it starts. Sue has more news on a music front so keep your eyes peeled for an exciting event happening at the very end of May...if you like singing.

Stay safe, stay sane, everyone! See you soon we hope!

Sue and Ishani x


ONE AFTERNOON, on Sunday 20th September 2020... 

Hello everyone:

Just to let you know, we are performing at The Prince of Wales this Sunday from about 4. We are very excited to be performing on Sunday (it's been so long - our last gig was 16th March, and even then, that was pushing it!) but we agreed to play having carefully weighed up risks and the general feeling out there. If you do want to come, you must please book a table at the venue (01522 528894), preferably in the restaurant or outside area. This is a lovely opportunity to see some live music in a venue who have considered the necessary safety precautions. We are in good company: 'Jellylegs' will be kicking off the afternoon's beautiful music from 1, then it's 'Ebony and Ivory' from 2.30 ish (part of 'em, anyway!) and then us, and then 'August James' from 5.45pm. It'll be a lovely afternoon I hope (pray for good weather). We don't see this as the start of us gigging like crazy again, given the circs, just a timely opportunity to get out there and see if we can still do it! Perhaps we'll see some of you there, but if not, thanks for continuing to support us from afar. We have still been meeting up (socially distant-ish) to practise, and we've been writing some new material so that when we get the fanfare of the ALL-CLEAR (will that ever happen, omg let's hope so!) we can get back out there and play, sing, drink, dance and make merry at those festivals.

Love, The Rye Sisters, Ishani and Sue

This Time Last Year...Crossover Festival 

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, we can't come to you live at the moment (can't do that live stream thing because of course we live in different houses!). So here's maybe the next best thing. This time last year we were playing at Crossover Festival. It was a simply wonderful experience. The sound is great on this and the auditorium was lovely and cosy. Get yourself a glass of something and some popcorn, and pretend this is coming out live just for you.

Lots of love

The Rye Sisters

In My Life - A new recording 

Hello everyone!

Hope you are managing to keep relatively cheerful. We are concentrating on song-writing and learning some IT skills so we can post this sort of thing to you.  We miss you lots - the crowds, the half a pint of Timmy Taylor (and half a cider for Ishani), even the struggle with the PA, the late nights, the being crammed in a corner, the pub dogs, the smell of the pub, the salt and vinegar crisps and the offers of a pork pie in exchange for a CD. All that. And we miss each other. And I know that is an experience a lot of us are sharing at the moment.

Keep safe. Keep the music strong.

Lots of love

The Rye Sisters

I Can't Go Anywhere 

Hello folks

We have just recorded our new song, albeit with pretty basic equipment and software to hand so you'll have to forgive the home-made quality of it. We recorded it apart of course. We've tried all sorts of musical solutions but no one has yet found something that works for playing 'in real time' across cyberspace. Never mind- we'll use this time to maybe write some new songs and learn how to record things. I'm pleased to say that my IT skills are getting slightly better - I'm a complete technophobe, generally and have no patience for this kind of thing!

The song is called 'I Can't Go Anywhere Without You' really, but these days, it would be more appropriate if the song were simply called 'I Can't Go Anywhere'. Like...well only to the shops for some milk and stuff.

Lots of love to you all 'out there'. Stay safe.

Wishing you emotional peace and sunny days with a sprinkle of rain, preferably overnight.

Sue and Ishani

Waving at you from a Distance 

Hello everyone

I thought I would update you but of course there is nothing really to say other than, 'Sigh...' Like so many bands out there, we are heartbroken about not being able to perform or even practice - and for those of you who don't know, it is 'virtually' impossible to play live with each other virtually. So for now, we are taking stock, trying out some song-writing ideas, recording our songs by sending tracks back and forwards. We are enjoying seeing the Spring do its thing in gardens and in Lincolnshire hedgerows, but, like all of us, we dearly miss our friends and wider family. And the pub. And you, our fab audiences. We can't do Live facebook streaming or such like, because we're not together. We're working with limited equipment so anything we put out might not be the quality of sound you're used to. We'll see what happens.

We hope you are managing to stay well and are not going too bonkers.

See you on the other side...

In the meantime, listen to Richard Thompson's Song 'Keep your Distance'. It's a good 'un!


The Rye Sisters

Covid Bloody 19 - Beerheadz gig on Thurs 19th March postponed 

Hi all

We'd like to give you all a hug, air kiss, elbow bump and (virtual, so safe) handshake at this particularly concerning time. Thank you if you have been out to see our gigs recently. Our hearts go out to those who are ill with the virus or are anxious that they will be, or that their loved ones may be. Those who are in the health professions are already heroes of course, and have a huge task ahead of them. It's also going to wreak havoc with folk financially, some more than others, and people are going to feel lonely.

We love playing music, but of course, like many other musicians, are finding that it is not wise or right-thinking to play gigs at this time. We will keep you updated of course. The gig on Thursday 19th March at Beerheadz is postponed as of tonight, following the PM's briefing.

Thank you all for coming out to support live music till now. We shall all miss it for a while, but when this blasted thing blows over, we'll be back, and we'll all celebrate together. We'll write songs and practise.

Keep the music strong.


The Rye Sisters