Hello and welcome to our website! Thanks for visiting. We are a duo based in Lincoln, and sing Americana, folk-country songs in close harmony. You can book us for events, pub gigs, weddings and private parties. We are also available for vocal harmony workshops. Just get in contact for further information and prices and read our bio to find out more about where we've performed previously. 

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Local Fabness and Leek in a Week! 


Just wanted to thank the warm-hearted, generous Mansfield Folk Club for having us on 17th September. The crowd were so lovely - and what a great club it is. If you are in the area, you really should get down here to listen to some top-notch entertainment, We were lucky enough to be supported by Phil Doleman (ace uke and banjo player as well as just a great all-round entertaining top chap) - and some beautiful guitar playing from one of the club's own players. They really know how to make everyone feel welcome and there is a thriving ukelele club there that goes on before hand. Monday night, the Black Bull, Mansfield. Go there. Sandwiches, raffles, floor spots, nice friendly folk and Tina who runs it so efficiently. Now that's a proper folk club.

Thanks also to the Stugglers' Inn fof having us back tonight. We had a blast and the audience seemed to like it...so thanks everyone! Cheers! WHAT a pub!

We are playing at Leek fesitval next week (7th Oct) then in Louth the week after (12th) and then it's SOREFINGERS. We are SO excited. We have to do day jobs in between all this stuff, And child rearing. All of which is great and cool and lovely. But music - oh music! Thank you for the music.

Yes. I have had a glass of wine tonight, since you ask.

Sue (of The Rye Sisters)

Peace and Love


Great Gower! 

Hi all-

We just played the Gower Bluegrass Festival. It was awesome! So many fab people as usual and the cinamon buns they bake at the bakery at the Gower Heritage Centre are so delicious that it was worth the 11 hour round trip for that ALONE. We also heard some stunning music. We were blown away by The Rosellys (https://therosellys.vpweb.co.uk/) and The Often Herd (https://www.theoftenherd.com/). Check them out! They're amazing!

If you are in the South West, go to the Cornish Bluegrass Festival this weekend (14th -16th September). You won't be disappointed. All these people are playing I think - and the marvellous Liberty Pike too.

We are next playing at the warm-hearted Mansfield Folk Club on Monday 17th.  Back to play in Lincoln at The Struggers at the end of the month. See you soon we hope! Thanks to Gwynnie for the welcome in lights that we got when we stayed at her house this weekend (pictured!)


The Rye Sisters

Stourton Estates festival is a great success! 

Well, summer is going pretty well. There's even a big orangey orb-like thing in the sky which is making everyone happy....and Stourton Estates Folk Festival yesterday (continuing today - check it out) was such fun. Thanks so much to Julie Pounds and her team for a wonderful family day.  The woodland park is so beautiful.  We went for a walk, tasted the icecream, ate the cake and had some delicious Thai food. It was all great.

Ishani is about to make the duo a trio, but we're performing at Louth Festival (29th June - this Friday) and the Dog and Bone in Lincoln on Sunday 1st July, right after I've run around the block a bit (doing the Lincoln10K for charity). I'm hoping I won't be late for the gig...I've have to run quickly to get back in time. If I look a bit red in the face. that'll be why.

Thank you for coming to see us at gigs and for supporting us by buying our CD. Thanks also to John Gill for this lovely photo!



Gate to Southwell Festival here we come! 

Can't wait to play Gate to Southwell Festival...coming up on 7th June.  We're due to play on the Saturday and Sunday.  But check out the whole festival - it's a really good'un, and bloomin' massive! check out http://southwellfolkfestival.org.uk/

..or call the info line on 01636 816678.

Hope to see some of you there!

Crossover Festival Band competition winners! 

We're chuffed and grateful to have won the Crossover Festival Band competition.  Here's a picture of us on sunny bank holiday Monday...so happy! It means we get to perform at this amazing festival next May! Looking forward to another year of gorgeous harmony!

Inspiration from Sorefingers Summer School! 

Hi everyone!

I've just been to yet another inspirational week at Sorefingers Summer School, held every Easter (and a shorter version is held in October) in the Cotswolds.  Anecdotally at least, we all now recognise a syndrome called 'post sorefingers blues' where everyone who has attended a course feels down becuase you have to come back to reality. It's hard to cope without a daily dose of fantastic live musicianship everywhere you turn, gorgeous harmonies and even people making you tea and dinner so you can concentrate on your music. Now I have to make my own cups of tea and listen to stuff on CD, which is fine...but where has the spontaneous bursting into song gone...and my other 250 friends? It's so quiet without all those banjos, dobros, mandos, basses, ukes, autoharps, guitars and voices...

Scratch bands (people thrown together for the week to perform) produce a concert on the Thursday night and everyone does a blinding job of entertaining each other. This year it was M.C-ed by the stunning bluegrass-fiddler Brian Wicklund and maestro banjo player Bill Evans. Just for fun, they did it in drag. Jokes could be repeated but you'd have to have been there. On the Friday night we were entertained by the tutors. Back in men's clothing, Brian and Ben were amazing, and we were blown away by Tatiana Hargreaves and Courtney Hartman's duet. They are just so stunning. The sheer beauty of it had some in tears. Emily Miller and Jesse Milnes led the singing class, and that was just so much fun.  We did a flashmob one tea time of 'We'll camp a little while in the wilderness' - which was appropriate, since the weather wasn't great for camping this year.  If you come, you can stay in a dorm: I'm just a glutton for punishment.

In short, I had a great time. You have to have this even on your bucket list. If you can't wait till April next year: Monday 22/04/2019 to Friday 26/04/2019 then come in October, 19th to 21st - a weekend slot, when Ishani and I will be running the singing and harmony workshops.  We had a blast last year and we were so proud of the singers who attended. Lots of beautiful songs sung!

Tickets when the site is updated, will be here:







Where does the time go? Spring 2018 

Well! Sorry for the lack of update on here everyone! Been so busy as always. We are super excited to have played some cracking local gigs and also to have supported The Railsplitters at The Greystones in Sheffield, and Sara Grey and Kieron Means last Saturday at Faldingworth live. Keep in touch! We are next playing at The Strugglers (love that pub!) on 14th April. We are debuting at the wonderful Birdcage later in the month (28th April). I have to say this is the most genuine, warm-hearted, pub I've been in for a while. Equal to The Struggs in fab atmosphere and friendliness, they have LOVELY beer and the food is AMAZING! Go there even when we are not playing.  But actually, come when we are playing, too. 28th April everyone. Be there. We'd love to see you :)


New Album, Brave Unbeaten Paths, Now Available! 

It's finally here! Our new album 'Brave Unbeaten Paths' is now available for sale!

The album features 10 newly recorded tracks including covers such as 'Under a Stormy Sky', 'Hickory Wind' and 'The River' and original songs including 'I Sing', 'Waltzing Again', 'One To Stay' and Song for Lincolnshire 2016 winner 'White Mercury'. We couldn't be more pleased with the final product and thrilled that we can share it with you all. We've got so many amazing people to thank including Rob Pomeroy and Daniel Bancroft for their unwavering support and formatting and photography skills and the amazing Roger Jackson who produced, mixed and mastered the music and added some beautiful touches on mandolin, accordeon and percussion.

The launch at the Drill Hall, Lincoln went superbly and it was  pleasure to play to a lively and kind crowd. If you'd like a CD perhaps for yourself or to purchase as gifts for friends and family for the festive season just send us a message with your address. CDs are £10 (+ £1 postage) and we take payment via bacs and cheque. If you let us know by Wednesday 20th, royal mail will deliver by Christmas!

Meanwhile, we wish you a peaceful and happy yuletide and are so looking forward to working on our next body of work and treading further along these 'brave unbeaten paths' in the new year. Love, Ishani and Sue xx

Heavenly Harmony at Sorefingers October Weekend 

If you have never been to a 'Sorefingers' course weekend or week, you won't understand.  You see, the trouble with any ‘Sorefingers’ experience is that life afterwards seems a terrible bore in comparison to the heavenly harmony we enjoyed this weekend. Fortunately, as a singer, you’re ideally placed to exorcise the blues by...well - singing them, I suppose.

The organisation known as 'Sorefingers Summer Schools (SFSS)' has been running music workshops for bluegrass instruments for over 20 years now.  It is hard to describe how marvellous it is. Set in the middle of the Cotswolds, banjos, dobros, fiddles, mandolins, bases, autoharps, singers and guitars meet up (along with the people who play them) to learn how to play better from the masters.  Many of the tutors at the Easter week come from across the Atlantic to teach and are completely inspirational.  Student 'scratch' bands form and some of them stick together afterwards. Lots of people 'jam' in the bar. Some dancing is usually involved. Maybe some drinking.

We were tutoring at their taster weekend this weekend just gone and we had blast! The students were simply amazing.  Thanks for the experience and check it out for yourselves.  There is a (near) week of heavenly singing and playing, jamming in the bar, and world class concerts to go to in April (1st-7th). Just click on:

Sorefingers Summer School April Week (1st-7th April 2018)